Rules of engagement

These rules of engagement is applicable to both On-line and off-line contacted clients.

  1. For Clients that have no presence on Social Media: Creating and setting up the

page for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Accounts, linkedinetc attract separate

charges per page. This could range from =N=2,500.00 per Page or more

depending on management’s discretion.

2. All needed images and photos for the designs or for publicity must be sent by

clients to us via mail. The mail contact is attached to this documentation.

3. Any sudden change or fluctuation in the dollar rate will automatically influence a

change in the cost of sponsored Adverts on the required platforms.

AI Digital Agency refuses to accept responsibility for any delay of postings as a

result of delays from the client in supplying the needed materials (pictures/images)

4. Payments are based on monthly cycle from the day of commencement of the

service or weekly if that is preferred by the client.

5. The required fee to be paid is determined by the package and the plan category

that the client has agreed to.

6. Resumption of our service is only ensured when interested client commits to the

service by paying the initial deposit of 70% of our Weekly/Monthly Fees the

remaining 30% at the end of the Week/Month.

7. In defence of the rights of clients, we operate a principle of ‘money back guarantee’

ONLY IF what has been agreed upon (with written evidence) is not complied with.

Job Engagement Order

If you understand all the terms stated above and you agree to proceed to engage the services of AI Digital Agencyin social media marketing and associated services, please do us a signed letter (corporate letterhead required from corporate clients) indicating the following:

  • Your present on-line status: do you have a presence on the platforms you intent to reach people on already?(response at this point will be verified by carrying out an online background check)
  • The package you are interested in
  • The plan category which summarizes the service cost
  • Authorization to have access to your social media necessary details for the full service operation.

Job Commencement

On receiving this engagement order (letter from client), the following will be sent toyou (our client):

  • An acknowledgment response to your engagement order accepting and

clarifying the scope pf coverage of the services required

  • A required invoice stating the total fee (already known by the client) and the

breakdown will be forwarded with an expectation that the client will do the